PurpleExtract FAQ

How does the service work?
The system uses the data you input (either individually or in bulk) to search either Google shopping or Amazon marketplace for the products presented. The presented prices are then extracted and presented in the output download.
Is this always accurate?
The system is accurate in that it assimilates the produced outputs, and extracts presented prices. However it must be noted that accuracy is directly related to the accuracy of the data that is entered, and how Google/Amazon uses this to present products. Our best advice is to use GTIN/EAN numbers when looking at Google shopping, and use ASIN numbers when looking at Amazon. If GTIN/ASIN is not available then you can use the brnad and manufacturer's part code however you need to validate the data prior to use as this can include other items, such as accessories.
What are GTIN, EAN or UPC codes?
These are globally recognised part code types. e.g. in North America Universal Product Code (UPC), also called GTIN-12 and UPC-A. European Article Number (EAN), also called GTIN-13. An example of a GTIN would be "5024005508205 5024005508205".
What are ASIN codes?
These are codes generated by Amazon to uniquely define a particular product, and is the most accurate way of finding a product and its associated prices on Amazon. Be aware searching on Google using ASINs will not yield accurate results. An example of an ASIN would be "B016X4TML4"
How do I set up a full account once I have finished the demonstration and testing?
Simply go to account and upgrade to the full account at the level you require. You can later downgrade the service should you decide to use the service at a lower level.
How much does the service cost per month?
PurpleExtract pricing plans detailing the cost of service credits are here. The service runs from the day you start (ie first payment) for 1 calendar month.
Is the service based upon data volume?
Correct, the service level provides a number of extraction credits which you can use within the month, as and when you require an extraction. Unused credits expire at the end of the billing period (i.e 1 month from payment). Additional credits can also be purchased at any time and do not expire.
How many prices will I be presented with?
We aim to present the most relevant prices presented by either Google shopping or Amazon. This varies significantly from product to product, and sector to sector. However we will look at individual prices, as well as multiple lists of prices. The system will also extract relevant prices spread over a number of pages.
We may wish to change the plan at certain seasonal times of the year, is this possible, what does the process involve, and how much notice do we need to give you to change this?
All we request is 30 days’ notice to cancel the service, to reduce the service you can do this at the end of the current billing cycle. If you want to upgrade the plan you can do this at any time and we will pro-rata the current month and change to the increased fee at the next billing interval.
What payment methods are there for this service?
The payment system is fully automated, including the invoicing, and is based upon credit cards. There are no other payment options.
The difference between simple and complex File?
If you go to >Imports>Upload Simple File and >Imports>Upload Complex File you will see a definition of the files. Essentially the only difference is with Complex you can add inforation about your cost prices and selling prices which are then reflected in the detailed output report. This allows price comparisons to be completed.
What are the Froogle Import options?
Many clients who use Google shopping themselves have a 'Froogle' feed which provides Google with the required product details. This information can be imported into PurpleXtract, and used to extract prices from Google shopping and also Amazon marketplace. If you have this file 'Online' you can we can extract this information directly. If however you have this file offline or saved in Google documents, then you can save this file to a known location and use the 'Offline' feature to import this information.
I only want to see the lowest price for each product... can I do that?
Once your report is complete, navigate to the output page and click on "sorted" along side of the completed process details. Once downloaded, open in excel, highlight all the data go the the "Data" tab on the menu, then click on "Filter" (which has a funnel icon). Now if you go the the right-hand-side in row-1 go to either "Is Lowest" or "Is Highest" click on the little drop-down arrow and untick "Blanks" this will filter out prices other than the ones you require. If "Check Product" column also states "Yes" then you should check that Google/Amazon have not mis categorised a product, for instance this could be an accessory for a larger product.